This is not an anti-Mormon video

I like this. If you’ve left the LDS church or are having a hard time with the church, that’s okay with me. I like this guy’s willingness to be bold and talk about it and “bridge the gap.” If you have left because of historical things like he talks about, I empathize with the feeling that learning about history has brought you pain and disbelief to the point where you left. I have nothing but love for you and trust in your journey.

I also want to say where I am at in my journey. I stay for reasons similar to his. I love seeing that despite humanness and mistakes, prophets have brought about beautiful doctrine that rings true to me, which isn’t found anywhere else. There have been MANY times when I have failed to carry out what the Lord expected of me, even simple things…or that I fought against it, delayed, performed poorly, etc.

Despite my mistakes and failures and clear LACK, I see beautiful things happen in my life as I follow the gospel laid out by Jesus Christ. Even if I don’t see clearly now how it all works, I know it does work.

For me, faith has become everything and is the principal I keep choosing daily to build my life upon in so many areas of my personal development. I have witnessed miracles, healings, power, visions, inspiration, ministering of angels, and the quiet whisperings of the Spirit. I realize that lumping all of those things together in one sentence sounds incredulous, but it is true.

And yet, honestly, it is hard to keep choosing faith. Every day I find myself making that conscious choice as I decide whether or not to pray, read scriptures, and follow inspiration I’ve been given. I have to remind myself what I already know from past spiritual experiences.

Like this guy said, if the evidence weighed heavily on one side or the other, there would be no place for faith. The lack of hard evidence gives me much empathy for friends who believe differently. But my favorite thing about faith is it looks for the good and holds onto it tenaciously. Faith trusts. Faith helps me repeatedly give all of myself to God. I am keeping faith. 💜

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