““Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” –Mark 16:15

The last time I went to Relief Society, we talked about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. We especially focused on social media. We discussed the problem of fearing what others might think of us or coming across in the wrong way-like being too preachy!

If there’s one thing I know I might be guilty of, it is being preachy!

I like to post about God and spiritual things on social media. I suppose some of this is out of pride or a desire to be seen as a good person. I imagine sometimes people think I’m a little heavy-handed.

I am working on improving myself in these areas. But I’m also coming to love myself anyway and forgive myself for the times when my motives may be a little less than pure. And I know that overall, I share because I am doing my best to give to others some of what I’ve been given.

One thing I’ve learned about being a follower of Jesus Christ is the responsibility to share my testimony of Him with others. This allows the Spirit to do the work of testifying of truth to those listening with an open heart.

Phew! Knowing that it is the Spirit’s job to convert and not mine takes a lot of the pressure off. And it allows for me to be human and err in sharing too much or sharing things that are not actually inspirational.

In that Relief Society class, we also talked about whether or not social media is the right place to talk about our testimony. I can understand that for some people they may not feel inspired to share their testimony on social media. But for me, I don’t get out of the house much! And when I do… well, I’m not brave enough yet to talk to the grocery store clerk about Jesus (nor do I always have my sanity at that point when I have my kids with me). Maybe one day I will be that gutsy and sane.

So for now, I feel called to share on the internet. And I hope anyone reading this will overlook my faults as I do my best to share the most important part of my life: my testimony.

I know we have a Father and Mother in Heaven who love each of us. I know Jesus Christ lives, and I know He made me who I am and deserves all the glory for any good I might do. I know the Spirit is real and has power to testify of truth, to help us remember, and inspire us to do good. I know The Book of Mormon is scripture. I know Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of God. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ is the Savior’s true church on the earth.

The more I learn, the more I know that I don’t know. There are many more things for me to seek after and  learn of and then testify about… and I honestly can’t wait to learn those things.