My Why

When people start a business, they often talk about deciding on a “why” to keep them motivated in building their business. While I don’t have any intention of making money off this blog, I feel a need to explain my why.

Why did I start this blog? Actually, it is easy: God wants me to. Promptings from the Spirit are always subtle, but they are undeniable. And starting a public blog… well, it didn’t seem too hard or scary at all until I actually intended to start one. I’ve been fighting back my scared feelings for weeks now. (Do you know how self-centered and self-conscious I suddenly felt to start a public blog about my life, my thoughts, my desires, or ME in any form? And so much self-doubt wondering if people would actually take the time to read it??). I finally decided to stop making excuses and just jump in. And I decided, if nobody ever reads it but me, perhaps it still serves its purpose.

What will this blog be about? I think it will be about all the things I am seeking after–>a better me in all areas of life; so actually, I figure it could go any direction I feel inspired to go. Some topics I foresee myself writing about: religious musings, marriage, motherhood, plant-based cooking, personal improvement, and picking the brains of those I admire–>I’m actually really excited about that part.

Why did I choose the name While contemplating a name for my blog, the word “seek” was stuck in my mind. And while praying and contemplating at the temple, this scripture came to my mind from Doctrine & Covenants 25:10:

“And verily I say unto thee that thou shalt lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better.”

As I read more, I realized it was perfect. The Lord was speaking to Emma Smith in this section. He was telling her to spend her time writing, learning, expounding scripture, and exhorting the church. I may not be very good at those things, but I AM interested in all of those things.

This quote gave me courage to move forward with the blog:

“Each of us knows deep down that eventually we must surrender to the Lord and open ourselves to his will for us. But not today. Not that way… The cold, hard fact is that if we wait until some special, red-letter day to offer our all to the Almighty, the day may never come. Is there a better day than today? …Will we make today a moment that matters, an instant in eternity toward which we will look back with gratitude and thanksgiving for a decision that counted?” –Robert Millet

So, I’m hoping my choice to create a blog makes today a moment that matters in the big picture of my life. And I’m hoping that I come to love this little blog space; after all, I really do love words.