About Me

Hey, hey! Thanks for taking the time to see who I am.

Don’t you love family pictures? This is the best we’ve looked all together in months, maybe ever. It only took me a whole day-and-a-half of planning and work to coordinate these outfits, these hairdo’s, and this level of cleanliness all together in one photoshoot (and I still didn’t get to wash my hair like I wanted). But it was worth it!

Anyway, I’m Brittney. I live in southern Utah with my handsome, loyal, well-groomed, amazing-daddy, teacher, coaching husband Kent. We have four kids who shape my daily life. What might be unique about me?

I am a Christian, specifically a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I have a large blind spot in my left eye from a soccer ball.

I love religious learning.

I married the first boyfriend I ever had.

I spend much of my day thinking…I like to say I have a slow processor.

I have a really weird leg turn-in (not so great for being a dancer and wanting a turn-out!).

I have chosen to seek after a whole food, plant-based diet – which actually changes a lot in my life.

I can push out my stomach really far and round, just like a pregnant lady.

I enjoy yoga because it feels like, in a way, it combines my love of thinking and my love of dance.

My house seems to be perpetually messy.

I love spreadsheets and solid, quantifiable answers – which makes it obvious why I graduated in tax accountancy.

I’m realizing a lot of my social deficiencies as I get older, but luckily with writing – I have time for my slow processor to think as much as it wants before I push publish.

My goal here is to please God by writing whatever I feel inspired to write. I wrote a bit about “my why” here. Hopefully I can improve myself in the process and <fingers-crossed> bless somebody else’s life too.